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Troop 616 Standards of Conduct

Our collective experiences as a Boy Scout Troop have led the leadership to develop a set of rules governing acceptable behavior by Scouts. These rules were made in response to specific incidents and have proven necessary to make scouting an enjoyable experience for everyone. For the sake of new members, as well as a reminder to older members, here are the rules that guide our conduct on Scouting adventures.

  1. The Scout Oath and the Scout Law are the ultimate guiding principles of Troop 616. They are inviolate.

  2. Individual safety is very important. Actions by individual scouts may be restricted if they are judged a safety hazard.
  3. Individual advancement is the focus of the Troop 616 program.
    • Each Scout is expected to earn a minimum of four requirements toward Tenderfoot, Second Class, or First Class ranks, or one Merit badge toward Star, Life, or Eagle scout ranks during each calendar quarter, except during the summer "break." (i.e., January - March, April - June, and October - December).
    • Life Scouts who have 21 merit badges may devote 20 hours to their Eagle project in lieu of merit badge work.
    • Falling behind one quarter (3 months) makes the Scout ineligible for troop leadership positions. Falling behind two quarters (6 months) places the Scout in an inactive status. Before reinstatement into the troop program, an inactive Scout must have a conference with the Scoutmaster.
  4. Scouts are expected to attend Tuesday night meetings, and to remain in the meeting room until dismissal time. Any scout who misses four Tuesday night meetings in a row without notifying his patrol leader will be placed in an inactive status. To become active again he must discuss the matter with the Scoutmaster. Each Scout must be in active status before he can participate in any troop activities.
  5. A requirement for Star, Life, and Eagle ranks is to be active in your troop and patrol for a given period of time. "Active" for advancement purposes, is defined as attending and participating in at least 1/2 of the Tuesday night meetings and at least 1/2 of all other scheduled troop and patrol activities during the period of time immediately prior to the Board of Review. Scouts participating in sports or other activities which require that they miss Tuesday night meetings will be considered active and present for 1/2 of the meetings missed because of the activity.
  6. A requirement for Star, Life, and Eagle ranks is to hold one of several troop leadership positions. "Holding a leadership position" for advancement purposes, is defined as attending and participating in that position.
  7. Troop activity fees are due prior to the activity. Signups for activities will be on the meeting prior to the weekend of the activity. Full payment of $25 will be paid at this meeting to reserve the Scout's attendance at campout activities. This fee will be non refundable. An additional fee of $5 will be due to cover the costs of transportation (Scout Bus fuel, etc.) for local events (except campouts).  Fees for activities outside of the local area will be evaluated on an individual basis.  Scouts failing to attend the meeting prior to an activity without the expressed permission of the Scoutmaster are ineligible for attendance on the activity.
  8. Fire, flame, and smoking are prohibited in tents for safety reasons.
  9. The use of tobacco in any form by Scouts is not permitted.
  10. Fighting, excessive rowdiness, and hazing are prohibited.
  11. Liquor, illicit drugs, "adult" reading material, fireworks of any type, firearms, and non-essential weapons are prohibited on Troop activities.
  12. Language should be consistent with Scouting principles and reflect a good example to younger scouts.  Obscene language is not acceptable in any situation.
  13. Before a Scout may carry a knife on troop activities, he must have earned a Totin' Chip card.
  14. Carrying or using matches or other fire-starting devices is prohibited until a Scout has demonstrated to an adult leader proper knowledge of their use.
  15. Class A uniform must be worn while in transit to and from an outing and when in a public restaurant.
  16. The meeting room is to be cleared by 8:45 PM on meeting nights unless an adult plans to stay later, in which case, the meeting room is to be cleared when the adult leaves.
  17. The Scoutmaster is the sole authority for determining an appropriate punishment for any offense. In general, punishment for improper behavior will consist of a specific work detail or short-term suspension from Troop activities. Serious violation of safety or the Spirit of Scouting may result in dismissal from the troop.

Scoutmaster - Phil Seibert  Eagle Scout Advisor - Charles Brown